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It is important to work towards improving access to clean drinking water worldwide, as it can contribute to enhancing health, education, and quality of life for people in developing countries. In India, one million people die each year due to waterborne illnesses, with 70% of them being children. Initiatives such as the establishment of improved water supply systems, raising awareness about the importance of clean drinking water, and international cooperation can all help address this crucial global issue.

Paul MINOT (founder)

The company

We are a French company based in Vienne and we have developed FiltraLife, a machine that transforms non-potable water into safe drinking water through advanced filtration technology and water treatment.

As part of the Corporate Distribution group, FiltraLife Solution benefits from a network of experts and 15 years of experience in distribution across more than 100 countries worldwide.

With our international focus, FiltraLife Solution aims to provide assistance and necessary resources to populations without access to adequate solutions, allowing us to make a global impact.

Lab-tested water filtration

Our mission

We take pride in offering an ecological and sustainable solution to address the growing challenges of water management. FiltraLife is entirely mechanical and free of electronics, designed to adapt to the most extreme weather conditions and provide a simple and easy-to-use solution for remote populations.

Our team of engineering and environmental experts works with rigor and passion to deliver a superior quality solution that meets the highest safety and health standards.

Our commitment

At our company, commitment to the environment and quality lies at the core of our values.

We believe in the responsibility that each individual has towards the planet, and we are determined to make our contribution to protecting our world.

We take pride in offering an ecological and environmentally-friendly solution for water needs.

Turning water into drinking water

Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been established.

They encompass the full range of development challenges in all countries, including climate, biodiversity, energy, water, poverty, gender equality, economic prosperity, peace, agriculture, education, and more.

The sixth goal, which aligns with FiltraLife, aims for universal and equitable access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene by 2030, particularly for vulnerable populations. It also calls for sustainable management of water resources and mentions the reduction of the number of people suffering from water scarcity. This goal incorporates the concept of transboundary water resource management, which is essential for sustainable management and fosters peace and cooperation.

Source: United Nations – French Government.